We have a one for one mentality.

The Emergence of Evolution Scholarships

For Every Case Won a Scholarship is Given ~One Case, One Chance

"The first thing we do, let's kill all the lawyers" ~ William Shakespeare, Henry VI

Ok maybe Shakespeare is taking it a little too far, but let's face it, Lawyers get a really bad wrap and are really only ever used out of necessity. Lawyers are usually hired when a problem has already occurred versus being used to prevent the problem in the first place. 

At The Evolution Law Group, P.A. we believe attorneys should be more than litigators. Lawyers should be counselors, leaders in their communities, mentors and preventative resources.  The only way to prevent litigation is through education. If people learn how to protect themselves, their businesses and their loved ones, primarily through growing, educating themselves and evolving, litigation would dramatically decrease. 

Education is the key to this Evolution. For every case we win, a scholarship is provided to a child in need of financial assistance to further their education. These scholarships recipients are chosen at the sole discretion of the Evolution Law Group, P.A. This is an equal opportunity available to all persons.


Help Fund Scholarships for future generatations

Your support and contributions will continue to enable us to meet our goals and provide much needed educational scholarships for bright students. The best way to say thank you to your attorney or legal team is to pay it forward to our future generations. Your generous donation will fund our mission to donate $1,000,000.00 in scholarships by December 2020.

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